Nouvelle Vague – I Could Be Happy

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The album I Could Be Happy  marks a triumphant return of Nouvelle Vague. Comprising more unforgettable punk and post punk standards like Love Comes in Spurts and I Wanna Be Sedated, all imbued with the inimitable Nouvelle Vague touch, for the first time, this album also includes original Collin/Libaux songs which sound right at home around the classic tracks.


  1. Athol Brose
  2. Love Comes in Spurts
  3. I Wanna Be Sedated
  4. I Could Be Happy
  5. All Cats Are Grey
  6. No One is Receiving
  7. Maladroit
  8. Algo Familiar
  9. Loneliness
  10. La Pluie Et Le Beu Temps